Extreme Violence Mod

Ever dreamt to live the life of an unrepentant cutthroat, dangerous and unscrupulous gangster and have it all come true for you in Sims 4? Looks like your wish just came true. The latest release, extreme violence mod sims 4 not just grants its players the ability to eliminate other sims through non-traditional killing methods, but also helps them set realistic terrorizing goals against their enemy sims.

Sims 4 is a life simulation game released in 2016 (Wikipedia says 2014 not sure) published by the EA. It was the fourth major instalment of the already leading simulation game series “Sims”. The game has earned the recognition of being the first pc game to have topped all-format charts in two years. The game has earned mixed reviews from the community owing to a lot of bugs and a lack of content which has been getting fixed regularly through the release of regular updates. In layman's terms, Sims 4 lets one create the personality they want as a character laying out details as trifling as their favourite decor to the way they act including how they dress, their homes etc. That character is known as a “Sim”. The game lets the player add layers of stories to the characters with innumerous possibilities to interact in the social settings. Sims 4 boasts of having advanced features that allow the players to customize their sim’s physical features according to their liking including body shape, size, muscles and even facial features. Furthermore, the sims are supposed to have more ‘emotional depth’ in this installation that can be affected by their personality, traits and the stage of life they are at.

What can Extreme violence mod do?

True to its name and reputation, “Extreme violence” is a full package overloaded with realistic murder techniques that are not limited to old ways of wiping other sims out like drowning or locking the other sim a room. The mod lets the players blow their opponent’s brains out through strangling, stabbing, hitting and much more. Apparently, ‘stabbing’ is the most common of the techniques provided by mod being the easiest way to finish off the opponents. One can spot blood gushing out of the rival sim’s body after being hit and with the newly added custom animations in the mod such as lip-syncing, voices, sounds, effects etc. the mod certainly makes the whole experience even more bone-chilling and realistic. In essence, the mod allows a sim to be an infamous mobster and be a part of gangs to carry out gang violence and crimes.

The new customization does not hinder the other mods of Sim 4. Moreover, the gaming experience, as well as game animations, are claimed to remain the same as without it. Some argue that the Sims series paints an immersive dreamy picture full of fantasies and explorations one brings about in the custom-made world with their Sims and that this mod might prove to be a little too “extreme” for an experience for the simulation game. True or not but one thing is for sure, this mod is not for the weak hearts! Kindly note that all the credit goes to the respective creator of the mod, Sacrificial. In the below section, you can download the mod without any hesitation. And if you need any further support with the mod please feel free to contact us.


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EVM Highlights

Base Game - Sims 4
Version - 2.3.2
Size - 35MB
OS - Windows 7+ ......
License - Free
Status - Active
Downloads - 5823
Creator - Sacrificial

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